What is Naeon?

The short and simple answer:

Naeon protects critical data using advanced methods to minimize the impact of ransomware- and other cyber attacks, data loss, as well as insider threats related to cyber security incidents.

The longer answer:

Naeon is a method for secure distribution of confidential data to an untrusted environment, using unbreakable, client-side, military-grade encryption and zero-knowledge privacy for a truly secure cloud storage solution.

The encrypted data are protected by rendering them unusable, unreadable, and indecipherable to unauthorized individuals or processes, before being transferred to a public network.

A combination of obfuscation, sharding, and generalisation techniques are used for this purpose. The encryption key, as well as the concatenation order of the sharded chunks of encrypted data, remain with the user, who should have a proper key management strategy in place.

For in-depth information on Naeon, please check the paper which can be found in the download section of this site.